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Melomania 1.88

Melomania Editor's Review

If your music collection has grown too big, it's time to keep record of your CD's, tapes, vinyls, or LP's using Melomania, a complete music organizer with lots of features. With Melomania you can catalog you music collection, automatically scan your CD's or local disks for further audio files, manually enter info regarding new LP's from tapes or vinyl collections. You can also search for new music info on the internet.

Struck by its "bread crumbs" appereance, I had to digg a lot to discover the full list of features which are hidden in this unfriendly interface. From lower tabs to web-browsing like buttons and 'Back' and 'Forward' scheme, Melomania seems to include all kinds of navigation methods without being persistent on a single one. You can choose whether the application should display the left side window or not, which includes a tree-list of albums, filters, favorites, storage media or the 'search' function. Same goes with the right side window which includes the main Navigator (similar to Windows Explorer), Media Scanner or Internet Finder.

As I already mentioned, Melomania can scan automatically your local drive or any other external device for audio files and can display the information contained in the ID3 tags of your MP3's. The function is similar to what WhereIsIt? can do while scanning external media devices. With Melomania you can also play any file already stored in its database by using the implemented player or any other third party player already installed on your computer. In addition to these you can also synchronize you iPod or any other USB player with any of the playlists saved in the database.

Melomania integrates several web sites that deliver additional details such as biographies, cover images, and textual content. This comes in handy especially if you decide to enter manually an album which you don't poses in digital format. In case you are a "paper boy" you can export any entries in your database in any format: MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, or plain text and then print them.With Melomania you can also keep track of your shared media by a notifying system in which you can insert what and to whom you have lent the discs or tapes.

Pluses: fast search function, useful scanning function for external devices, integrated websites that provide additional musical information, lend tracking function;

Drawbacks/flaws: the scanning process is not fully optimized and can be blocked by other installed applications which might come in conflict with Melomania; non user-friendly interface.

In conclusion: It doesn't matter how big or diverse your collection of music might be, with its smart sorting tools and search function, Melomania is the complete music organizer software.

version reviewed: 1.87

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